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Paul Thomas Anderson

You don’t even have to love his films to see that this man is a hero.

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These Miyazaki titles are beautiful.

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thedailywhat: “Keep On Walking”: A three-minute montage of movie scenes featuring the classic “walking away shot” — cut together to form a single, continuous stroll.”

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The Ray Harryhausen Creature List (by matbergman). I have a lot of fondness for this era of special effects.

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In the article The Difference Between Character-Driven and Joke-Driven Comedies, Adam Sternbergh clarifies that he means something more like comedies that are restricted by reality, and those that sacrifice the rules of reality for the sake of a joke. He then says this about Annie Hall: “In fact, I can only think of one film that mixes these two contradictory comedic approaches entirely seamlessly — and that film won a Best Picture Oscar. Here’s [the above embedded driving] scene that could comfortably (and logically) fit in a Apatow-style realist movie… and [the Marshall McLuhan scene] that definitely would not.”

So yes, this man has a lot of smart things to say about comedic film.

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